Willing To Die For Your Dreams ?

People happily wax lyrical about pursuing dreams.  Setting goals, planning and scheming, making fortunes, chasing illusions. Fewer speak about working hard and dying happily for ideal visions.  The associated risks, the trials and tribulations, the highs and lows. If history is written by its victims shouldn’t we be more astute regarding our own terminal condition.

If you are willing to die for your dreams; acting as though they are already a fact then the daily tasks you pursue take on a whole new meaning and wonder.  The tenacity you show and manner in how you conduct your affairs  will emit an energy which at times can make you feel like you are levitating. Few will understand this consciousness level and it may be easier for them to sneer or ridicule.  Naysayers can be challenging to ignore but the mission is not to defeat their opinion only to strengthen your resolve.  If they are so caught up in what you are doing possibly their own vision lacks clarity, time will sort that.

Ooccasionally in this life the only weapon you truly hold is a refusal.  Refusing to give up on your vision is a bigger act of faith than all the words ever written.  In this homogenized life always embrace individuality.


Ask yourself what are you willing to die for ?

The sanctity of what ?

The security of whom ?

The stability of where ?

The spontaneity of when ?

The sanity of why ?

And don’t worry about the how.  For after you have figured out the rest somehow or other the how always seems to sort itself out in the end.






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